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Hwaseung Group puts customer value before everything else and realizes future new technologies and value innovation.

Since its establishment in 1953, Hwaseung Group has set a new milestone in the economic history in Korea with its ceaseless challenges and advanced technical skills. Moreover, the Company has taken the lead in various business areas by having adventurous enterprise spirit for changes and innovations and outstanding insights into the future.

Since it started to carry out its business in rubber chemical industry, industry wasteland at that time, Hwaseung Group has attracted attention from the industry and has led our prosperous future industry by making a successful diversification of businesses including omnibus trade, automobile parts, industry materials and shoes OEM.

Having its eyes on the world in taking the lead in globalizing its businesses early, the Company has established its overseas affiliates throughout global village including countries in Asia, Europe and America as well as China and South-East Asian countries.

Even in these rapidly changing world situations, I am proud of the outcome of the Company's confidence and courage in realizing its vision with outstanding technical skills and self-confidence, which made it continue to grow and spread transparent value management.

Hwaseung Group, which has created new values in making harmonious connection of industries and technologies, will start a powerful fly for the people all around the world as a global company from now. The Company is looking forward a bigger future in this global era where the boundaries between regions have disappeared due to advanced digital culture.

Hwaseung promises that it will make a beautiful harmony in this world in creating future through developing essential technology for industries and making ceaseless management innovation.

Seung Hoon Hyun, Chairman of Hwaseung Group