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In Dec. 2010, Hwaseung Group fulfilled the fantasy of reaching sales of 3 trillion won.



'Global HWASEUNG' is a moto of company for preparing a foothold for a long-term development of Group under which we can make current domestic and overseas management crisis be a chance to make a radical reform through active measures against that crisis and innovation. This moto is intended to prepare a growth engine of Group through carrying out activities of business structure innovation, organization and manpower structure, innovation of profit making, and company culture innovation and 'make our company be a global No.1 company through maximizing existing businesses and making new growth driving force'

Maximizing existing business performance

Business diversification,
Carrying out global management (adjust the ratio of domestic and overseas businesses from 7:3 to 5:5, for balanced global management)/active respondence to management environment changes (exchange rate/ raw materials/trading barrier)/ Securing stable growth in essential businesses of omnibus trading businesses, automobile parts, high-tech new materials, fine chemistry, and shoes manufacturing business/Preparing investment foothold for future business/Strengthening overseas business capabilities as a growth engine of Group/Making rapid reform to make Group fly higher to become a global group

Finding new growth engine

Natural resources business: expand global areas into regions such as South America and Africa
Carrying out future business of cutting-edge new materials (thermoelement/eco-friendly cutting-edge antiseptic and antimicrobial materials/composite materials)/Realizing maximized performance by combining new growth engine and existing businesses.



Hwaseung making better future

The Company is worthwhile to satisfy all the people including customers, shareholders, executives, employees, and partnership companies. We pursue an ideal image of our company making better future through enhancing benefits of executives and employees, company values for shareholders, and partnership with subcontractors.

Provide products and services more than expected

our mission is to provide top quality products and services. We always cares about best satisfaction and happyness of customers by thinking from the perspectives of them.

Continue to make value innovations

continuous value innovation is a core driving force of company growth. By showing our honesty, credibility, and confidence to our customers, we continue to make out best efforts in making our customers revisit us pleasantly.