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International trade - International trade

As one of strategic business of Hwaseung for 21st century, omnibus trade area of the Company has been growing to become a competitive trading company through integrated purchase business for natural resources, steel, textile, general goods, and various raw materials. At present, through having organic and cooperative relationships with overseas affiliates in USA, Vietnam, India and China, the Company continues to promote new business development which may be a resources of future profits and makes it best efforts in jumping up to be a leading trading company in the world by expanding markets and establishing global networks.

Domestic Affiliates

Hwaseung Networks

This is a representative company in Korea for logistics and distribution and is charge of providing materials, logistics services, distribution and trading of every items necessary for daily life of people.

Jee Hoh Hyeon, Tae Gyun Bae
Establishment date
Number of executives and employees:
61 (as of Jan. 2015)
Major business
trading of industrial goods and goods for automobiles/Export business.

Overseas companies & offices

HSNA/ Hwaseung Networks in America


HSNA, as a bridgehead for entering into the market of Americas, was established a sales office in LA and has expanded global marketing networks throughout the Americas. HSNA has been establishing diversified growth foundation to become a valuable company responding to and satisfying rapidly changing demand of customers promptly in this age of borderless and limitless competition.

HSVN/ Hwaseung Networks Vietnam


As a hub of Hwaseung Group in Asia, HSVN was established in Vietnam in 2007 and has been making broundbreaking marketting innovation and diversifying its businesses as the country has been rapidly opened to the world.

HSNI /Hwaseung Networks India


HSNI, as an advanced base for global business in India, will become a global company by making new market exploitation and new business development through establishment of global networks in India, a country having limitless growth potential.