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We receive information about HWASEUNG employees' unjust business process, unreasonable demands using status and position, and corruption without disclosing the third party.

Subject to report


Improvements to the system for the establishment of ethical management


Behavior of sexual harassment
between employees


Exemplary employees in active ethical management practices and cases of employee precedent


Violations of ethical management by the company and its executives and employees (Receiving and receiving unreasonable gains such as money and valuables)


Counseling in
Ethical Dilemma Situations


Any other business conduct that violates the Code of Ethics

How to Report

  • Cyber report Report report
  • Address : Hwaseung Group Audit team, 1079 Jangcheon BD Jungangdae-ro, Yeonje-gu, Busan
  • Telephone : +82 51-850-7070

Confidentiality of the Reporter's Identity

  • Confidentiality is guaranteed by having the manager level of the audit group receive the reward and deliver it to the recipient in a desired means, in order to prevent exposure of identity in the rewarding process
  • All employees, if having become aware of the reporter's identity by duty or accident, shall not reveal such information
  • All actions that may expose the reporter's identity are prohibited, such as inquiries about the identity or investigation to find out about the reporter
  • Disclosure or suggestion of the reporter's or investigation cooperator's identity is prohibited without their consent
  • Those violating the duty to protect the identity may be punished
  • Prohibition on giving disadvantages in personnel affairs to the reporter and stipulation of the penalty clause in case of violation

Behavior to Report

  • Receiving money and other valuables or entertainment from stakeholders with regard to business
  • Obtaining undue profits using status and position or causing damage to the company with unjust means or intentions
  • Other unethical behavior related to external stakeholders