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The Company is close to your even though it is not visible.

Technologies of Hwaseung, company making its best efforts in making you enjoy pleasant life, filter into all around the world.

" Even at 100km per hour, we can hear her whisper"

Long distance drive date with her for a change. While you keep your eyes forward and your hands grab the steering wheel, only your ears are toward her and they can clearly hear her sound of heart beat and her whisper even while driving a car at 100km per hourr. Why? That's because Mr. Weather strip is fighting against noise from outside eagerly so that it can deliver her whisper to your ears more clearly. Hwaseung cheers each of you out of sight so that you can take a step forward on her.

Weather Strip
This product is one of key components of automobiles because it is installed in car body or doors/windows so that it prevents winds, dusts and water from entering into the car and keeps proper smooth when you open and close windows.

" Coffee held in one hand of customers while crossing the railroad tracks "

Everything in the world sways from side to side whenever the trains pass by there. The place I, who run as quick as I can and seek for one thing, hate most. The place was filled with danger and bad memories. Have you ever known that the love of Hwaseung EXWILL was there for safe and steady passing-by railroad tracks? The name of love is the very "rubber panel". If you have a memory of passing-by railroad tracks without stress, that's because Mr. Rubber Panel lie down flat threre.

Rubber panel
It is expected our rubber panel will serve as a momentum to make people have fresh and soft feeling toward railroad tracks.

" Make the world more dry and smooth. "

If we don't have OO? What happens in the world? We would be able to hear dry and smooth sound any more or we may lose sleep over babies' cries. Soggy foods and wet diapers..... You hate to think about them, don't you? In that case, what do you think the name of friend to be helpful for making this world more dry and smooth? It is the very Mr. Film and it is used for the pack and become a fancy body guard protecting snack pack, ramen pack and diapers from humidity and impact.

Film (BOPP)
It is light, transparent and have various functions of durability, barrier property, chemical resistance, heat resistance, and insulating properties so that it is broadly used not only for various printing films but also for heat seal packing.