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Personnel management system of Hwaseung Group is based on multi phase evaluation on performance, personality as well as capabilities, abilities and evaluations based on fair and objective evaluation system for each affiliate. In addition, through early promotion, promotion system, and promotion by selection, the Group secures outstanding talent and encourages manpower be positive and seek continuous self-development.

Evaluation system

Objective evaluation system for each affiliates/Principle of multiple evaluation system Capability evaluation/ability evaluation/performance evaluation/personality evaluation

Objective evaluation system for each affiliates

Principle of multiple evaluation system

  • Capability evaluation
  • ability evaluation
  • performance evaluation
  • personality evaluation

Job grading system

Head of departments/deputy head of department(4 year term)/section chief (5 year term)/assistant manager (3 year term )

※ Job grading system may be different for each affiliate

Salary system

Provide basic annual salary based on affiliates and job positions /Incentives based on affiliates and performance/Incentives based on individual evaluation/capabilities