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Benefit package for employees and their family

The Company makes its best efforts in providing a comprehensive benefit package, top quality program for employees' welfare, for employees.

Operation/support of in-company clubs

Support for in-company clubs to make employees have sense of unity and pleasant and fruitful work environments

Provision of dormitory

Provide dormitory facilities for convenience of single employees

Operation of various convenient facilities

Operate PC room, library, table tennis court, billiard hall, and fitness room

Financial support for school expenses

Make support of full school expenses for the children of all employees, who attend middle schools and high schools.

Holding company track meet in spring and fall

Conduct company meets and company picnics for promoting spirits and will to work

Operation of workplace reserve forces

Operate workplace reserve forces for convenience of employees

Operation of mutual aid society

Operate allows family event leave and support for gift

Other benefits

Operate 5-day work per week, open year-round vacation system, medical examinations (regular/special), commuter buses

Operation of apartment for employees

Operate apartments for employees in order to make employees have a chance to buy their own houses earlier and convenience for single employees without their own houses

※ These may be different for each affiliate